"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" — Benjamin Franklin

Myth #2: Lite beers will help you lose weight. On average, a lite beer will have 90-100 calories, while a regular beer might have under 200. In the grand scheme of things, lite beers will contribute very little to your dietary goals, and considering their typical lack of taste, you’d be better off drinking one or two regular beers. — Light beers are for pussies!

Myth #3: Dark beers are stronger in alcohol. The color of beer has no relation to its alcohol content. For example, Guinness, one of the most popular dark beers has an alcohol volume of 4.2%, while several light-colored Belgian beers have alcohol content of 8%+.

Myth #6: Beer should be served ice-cold for best flavor. This is an unfortunate myth perpetuated by the major commercial breweries – especially for their lite beers. The fact is, flavor typically diminishes when beer is served ice-cold. It may make for a thirst-quenching, refreshing beverage, but often bears little resemblance to traditional beer. Several beers are, in fact, best served much closer to room temperature or slightly cool and are considered undrinkable when icy cold – such as Guinness and many of the traditional English ales. — Warm, cold, ice cold? Meh, I don’t really care.

Myth #7: The best beers have green bottles. Another myth that circulated imported beers. Brown glass is the best color to protect beer from light, which is why most beers are bottled with it. A shortage of brown glass in Europe during the last century led to many breweries using green glass to bottle their beer – therefore, green bottles represented imported beer for many years and people incorrectly assumed the color indicated a better beer. — Red Horse, oh yeah!

Myth #8: “beer before liquor, never sicker – liquor before beer, in the clear” This is common drinking advice shared but not scientifically true. In reality, alcohol is alcohol, and the overall quantity you imbibe will determine your resulting insobriety or hangover. Drinking beer before drinking hard liquor may prolong the onset of inebriation (alcohol intoxication). However, it won’t ultimately matter whether you drink beer first or last; it’s the quantity of alcohol that does the damage. — In the Philippines, we call “liquor before beer” as “washing”, “washer” or whatever. Honestly, that system made me even more wasted than “in the clear” every time. Apparently, alcohol is alcohol brothers.

Myth #10: Beer will raise your cholesterol levels. Beer actually contains no fat and no cholesterol! Perhaps this is one reason that Guinness was originally advertised as good for your health. — All the more reason for drinking beer. 

Here comes my most favorite beer myth.

Myth #12: Beer kills brain cells. Possibly the most damning of all beer myths, and we’re happy to explode this for you. An Australian study has determined that beer is not responsible for killing brain cells as was once thought. — Bus… wait for it …ted!

(Source: legendsofbeer.com)